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Hello CDASS and IHSS Stakeholders: 

*Friendly Reminder*  You are invited to participate in the Participant-Directed Programs Policy Collaborative (PDPPC) .

Dates of Meetings:  The PDPPC meets during 2016 on the 4th Wednesday of the month, except for those months when the group changes the date, usually due to holidays.  In these situations, you will receive a revised invitation for a specific monthly meeting.

Locations of Meetings:  The “default” location for our meetings is at the Colorado MS Society, 900 S. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Denver Co 80209.  You will receive revised monthly invitations when we need to find an alternate location due to lack of availability at the MS Society.

The group meets 1-4 pm.  We are asked by our building host to leave the room after 4 pm so they can clean and set it up for the next meeting.

Teleconference for these meetings:

  • Call-in Number:         877-820-7831
  • Participant Pass Code:  308112#
  • Please remember to mute your phone except during Q&A periods:  press *6 to mute or to un-mute.  Background noise over the phone makes it hard for other callers to hear the meeting.
  • Please do not put the meeting on hold on your phone, as any background “on hold” music will create problems for other callers.Please contact John Barry at or (303) 866-3173 for further information, or for additions for removals from this invitation list or the PDPPC email list (these are two separate lists).