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At Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN), we’re committed to improving tools for veterans and their attendants. We plan to launch two new time entry tools soon – and the CareAttend mobile app. Both will be alternatives to paper timesheets. is a new web portal for time entry. It is also a location to find important reminders and notices.

The CareAttend mobile app makes it easy for attendants to start and end a shift and veterans to approve it on a mobile device.

What You Need to Know

How can I prepare for these changes?
At this time, no action is required. However, we will share next steps. Watch your inbox.

Am I required to use these new tools?
These tools are not required, but they offer many benefits. Using and CareAttend is fast, easy, and more secure than paper timesheets.

Will there be trainings?
Yes, we plan to host virtual and in-person trainings. We will share more details soon.

Will there be training materials?
We will post training materials on our website for you to review at your convenience. Once available, we will notify you.